Sweet Beginnings

Tasty dreams can come true!

In 2012 while attending Snow College, Dalin Crosland stopped by a soda shack
to grab a quick drink. He thought to himself, if they would just add a
little something, something like fresh hot fries to the menu with lots of
seasonings and sauces, they would attract more business. Something savory to
pair with the sweet sodas. The idea of Fizz N Fryz was born!

In 2013, Dalin and his wife Megan, moved to Cache Valley to attend Utah
State University. Upon moving to Cache Valley, Kevin Bouck (A Cache Valley
resident and family friend) and David Crosland (Dalin's Father) were brought
on board to help make Fizz N Fryz a reality. In the summer of 2014, Fizz N
Fryz open their doors to the public!

Today, Fizz N Fryz is owned and operated by David Crosland and his wife,
Sandra; along with the Bouck family. In 2015 a brother, Jonathan Crosland,
joined the management team. Fizz N Fryz is a favorite to college students,
locals and visitors alike!